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Cups N Cakes

Cups N Cakes is a bi-weekly music podcast playing mostly Canadian independent acts with an emphasis on the prairie cities. Each episode is comprised of meticulously crafted eclectic music sets and tomfoolerous banter. Guests have become a regular occurrence on the show with appearances from musical acts Napalmpom, Jom Comyn, Counterfeit Jeans, Concealer, Doug Hoyer, The Zorgs, Motherhood, Jesse & the Dandel ...

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The RCR Records Show

RCR Records first offering of their radio show featuring bands signed to the label. The label focuses on Edmonton bands with great talent. A special feature of Vanity Red's latest release is the main subject of this first show. Join Sacha Hubert and Chris Pigeot as they share this great music! Broadcasting on Thursday, December 1st at 8pm here on ...

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Studio Session Sundays

Launching on Sunday, November 20th is a new show we'll be broadcasting out of Two Bodies of Water Studio. Each week we will feature a new band or artist who will come into the studio for a live interview and studio session. Interviews will be hosted by Michael James and Sarah Connor, Tweet or Skype in calls to the artists @GRadioYEG. This weaks featured artist is SHAG. ...

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Join Bee and Friends every Friday at 9pm and get pumped for the Weekend with Fresh Mixes and Featured Local Producers! Bee is the owner of Head Cornerstone Records, co-founder and general manager of Zion Noiz Music & Arts Festival, and stage manage of the Market stage at Astral Harvest. Bee also co-hosts Newswired, a local news show on! ...

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Spring Music Update

To kick off the summer season, we have a music update that includes some new artists who have been added to the radio rotation, as well as a few new albums from some existing contributors. We also have some more original content in the pipe: look out for a comedy-focused radio show coming your way in June and we're as well as a written section to host locally-focused blogs and articles on a variety of topic ...

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