Automatic Broadcast

Started in February 2011, Automatic Broadcast is made up of Edmonton, Alberta natives Tom Brent (TOMB) and Justin Brent (West to Alaska,
Wisconsin), cousins and longtime friends, as a way to write music together and to make a statement on what it’s like to live and grow up in Alberta,
and their Alternative views on it; the “Homeward Bound” EP is the counterpart to their 2011 EP, “Oh, Promised Land.”

Sticking to their hardworking, Albertan DIY style ethic, everything for this release has been turned into overdrive. From upping the production
values to reflect a more recent era than the 1950’s and 60’s feel of the previous release, as well as a strong musical effort to bring out the emotional charge the story really needed.

“We felt we had made a good start, but we wanted to not only finish our story with our character and his emotional journey through life, we also
felt we still had something to prove with this sound and this statement we’d started with ‘Oh, Promised Land’,” Tom remarks.

“The music and lyrics on “Homeward Bound” were entirely collaborative,” adds Justin, “Tom and I have entirely different writing styles, so it was
essential for us to find the best way to meet in the middle and work together to write the best songs– which I feel we’ve accomplished. This is
the best music we’ve made to date.”

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