Good Nature

Good Nature is an indie rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. Their music encompasses a wide variety of musical genres- it is the perfect blend of pop, rock and funk. Their songs are full of hooks and grooves that make their music an absolute delight to listen to.

They just released their long awaited debut EP Waves- a colourful mix of upbeat, incredibly catchy tunes. The band engineered and produced it on their own. It was mixed by Jeff Quinn of REND, and mastered by Guy Hebert of Karisma Mastering. Currently, Good Nature is gaining recognition not just in Alberta but nationally. Just recently they became a Top 10 regional finalist in CBC Music’s Searchlight competition, with their latest single “Waves”. They were even spotlighted by CBC music as a standout in the competition, which had close to two thousand applicants from across Canada.

The band consists of five members. After forming in the fall of 2013, and adding their final member that December, Good Nature spent two years honing their sound. Everyone in the band comes from different backgrounds and they all have contrasting musical tastes. While one vocalist, Aaron, is into indie rock, Ronen, the other, is into R&B. Then there is Elli, the drummer, who is into progressive rock and metal. In the beginning, they were throwing all their musical tastes together without blending them into something cohesive. After months of practicing, writing songs, and performing together, they have learned to adapt to each others styles, and have created what seems to be their own unique genre, with aspects of all of their musical influences coming together to create something magical.

Good Nature has performed at over a dozen different venues in Edmonton, including The Starlite Room, Cha Island, and Bohemia. Not only have they played many shows for younger audiences, but older audiences as well. Their name is a fantastic fit for their sound. Their songs have encouraging messages, and the upbeat tone of their music emanates positivity- making it perfect for anyone who loves happy, danceable songs. Good Nature will no doubt continue to build their following, gaining fans of all ages, as people of any age can enjoy Good Nature’s up-tempo, catchy music and their exhilarating live shows.

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