North of Here

The members of North of Here, after assembling at the ripe age of 17 in early 2012, have grown and come to new form with their voices, strings, and kick-drums. Harmony-heavy, riff-driven and banter-fueled, North of Here provides an original and upbeat set that is as evolving as its members.

Based out of the vibrant Edmonton folk scene, North of Here has been caught on-stage at venues such as the Mercury Room, the late Artery, Dewey’s at the University of Alberta, and The Citadel’s flagship Shoctor Stage, not to mention a smattering of Whyte Avenue and Downtown locations. North of Here’s debut EP “To the Wild” was released in early 2014, and most recently followed by “Make Hay While the Sun Shines” and the group’s accompanying West Coast tour in November 2015.

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