I’ve been rhyming for about 10 years, recorded an original album with Nik Kozub of Shoutoutoutoutout in 08, and in late 2010 started with the first installment of my ongoing Feelin Pretty Good mixtape series. Volume 2 dropped in March 11, and Volume 3 is in the works right now. I’ve done shows at the Pawnshop, Wunderbar, Hooligans, and the Yellowhead Brewery in the past year, as well as shows in
Calgary, Jasper, Hinton, Peace River at an outdoor festival called Backwater Bash, and Olds. While still attempting to make more local contacts on the Hip Hop side of things, I’ve been making strides with Edmonton indy label Deadcity Records to develop a fan base and get my music pressed on cd, which will be happening soon (no more CDRs). I try to present a side of rap music that often gets passed over in the mainstream, by being honest and voicing ideas that the people I know can relate to. I feel a responsibility to be accountable for the message being pushed in my music. Peace, Love, Unity, and having fun is what it’s about.

Doobyis – Weirdos

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