Thistle is a rolling, quick-paced acoustic electric country/rock band with stripped-down, catchy rhythms, and hooks that dig deep. The five-piece band come from Spruce Grove and is comprised of Trevor Henson, Steve Findlay, Tania Scott, Jason Frey, and Kevin Frey. Diverse influences from across the musical spectrum give Thistle a unique sound and style.

Kevin Frey (vocals, guitar) has been a mainstay on the local music scene as a solo performer since 2013. Jason Frey (drums) and Trevor Henson (bass) have played music together since 1999, and were the founding members of a heavy metal band. Jason and Trevor joined Kevin in September of 2015 to form Thistle. Steve Findlay (guitar) joined the three in March of 2016 to help fill out the sound. Steve played in a few local bands and has been a long-time friend with Jason since high school, where they played together in their first bands. His added guitar has brought a great touch to fill out the sound of Thistle. In December 2016 Tania Scott joined the group. Tania brings experience singing on Broadway Stages in Nashville. Tania boosts Thistle’s sound with great harmonies and strong lead vocals, and brings considerable song writing experience to the band’s original songs.

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