Two Bears North

Sophie Heppell and Melissa Walker have spent the last six years perfecting the formula that was to become the Edmonton based band Two Bears North. Heppell’s melodic sense and Walker’s incomparable groove, brought forth by their partnership, have made Two Bears North unstoppable. Performing, touring, and recording together in other projects such as Scott Cook and 100 Mile House brought them to events including Canadian Music Week, WCMA’s, and many Canadian music festivals over the past six years. Heppell and Walker have finally settled on a sound that is unmistakably their own.

Their nine song debut album shows the pair in fine form. Comeocean is a unification of a yearning for the ocean and the commotion of an obsessive and neurotic mind. These two West Coast women finding each other in the prairies and bearing the North together; on a journey to figure out the complexities of the human psyche. With upright and electric bass, vocal harmonies, electric guitar, synth, glockenspiel, violin, trumpet, drums, and various percussion, Comeocean is bound to sound refreshing to music listeners anywhere.

The album starts off with Bipolar Princess, a track describing the downfall of mistaking lust for love, and the self destructive path that one can so easily find themselves upon. Heppell’s lyrical sense is honest, unrelenting, and raw. Comeocean, the title track, compares the desire of the ocean to the desire of another, finding comfort in them but realizing they are wild and unattainable.

The entire album is an extended dialogue between the head and the heart. It is a constant yearning for comfort in our surroundings and relationships but realizing that becoming content and complacent may be the biggest fear of all.

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