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12 DJays of Cheshmas

Check out the 1st Annual 12 DJays of Cheshmas right here on! Every day we'll be featuring a different local artist in support of the Boyle Street Community center and you can check it out every day at 4:20pm right here on Details below! Cheshire Productions and Boyle Street Community Services are proud to present: 12 DJAYS OF CHESHMAS where we will be releasing 12 unreleased mixes from ...

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River Womp 2019

The annual RIVER WOMP is set to help us escape from the boring day-to-day reality, and bring us into a big fun adventure with beautiful friends and amazing vibes. Our summer party site is located just outside the town of Evansburg (One hour west of Edmonton) on a beautiful farm location. Be part of our wonderful community, join us to live amazing moments, and get ready to build unforgettable memories. Join ...

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Zeal :: Yesterday Lanes Release Party

On Thursday, November 8th we are going to be down at River City Revival House for the Zeal Album Drop Party. This is an event put on by Cheshire Productions and we'll be there to stream it live. You can listen to the audio right here, but head over to our Facebook page for a live video stream as well. Featuring performances by: Zeal Cigz Killups Presented by Cheshire Productionsv & River City Revival House ...

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Live Interview with Aliza Dadani and David Herbert of ActivatED 2013

Interview: On Friday, October 8th we're bringing Aliza Dadani and David Herbert of ActivatED 2013 into the studio to discuss the upcoming civic election. ActivatED 2013 is a group of individuals seeking to get forward-thinking candidates elected to the Edmonton city council. We will talk about what they would like to see, the candidates, and the impact of strategic voting. We'll be going live at 6pm, and if ...

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Rise of an Ill Ikon

This Friday Night! ***PhB. Entertainment and Filthy Entertainment Present along with F*ck Me its Friday present*** Rise of an Ill Ikon We have all had a favorite DJ. We have all had a DJ affect our lives immeasurably. Whether it be the vibes he presented to the dancefloor via a live set, or that awesome track he or she made. Or maybe he was a friend that taught you something about yourself as a DJ. Jordan " ...

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