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HungryHollow is based here in Edmonton and is relatively new to the scene. After releasing their first album in June 2014, they have a follow up being released end of summer/early fall 2016. HungryHollow is a collective of ideas from each band member (even the drummer) and they put their own influenced styles into the songs they write together. With a range of grunge, to country, blues to metal. They always found it difficult to label their genre but are sure someone out there will do that for them anyways. For Ian (founding member, lead vox/guitar) Gord Downie has been an inspiration to his songwriting and his stage presence of no holding back.

They have a few veterans to the Edmonton music scene and some newcomers. Miller and Jordan played in Mars and Venus, Kamil is a music teacher, while Julie and Ian come from a musical theater background. They combine their experience and utilize in a way that is beneficial for HungryHollow.

They plan to keep making music for years to come, touring Canada and hopefully someday the world. One thing is for sure, you will be happy with what they have planned for the future.

Ian Dick – vox/guitar
Miller Fernandez vox/lead guitar
Julie Dick – vox/guitar
Kamil Wysocki – bass
Logan Cunningham – drums

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