The Gibson Block

Named for a historical building in their home city of Edmonton, Alberta, the Gibson Block is a four-piece original rock project that is sure to grab your attention! The Gibson Block’s first record is a self-titled EP of 5 original songs, released in January 2014. The band’s members have been performing together since 2009 as party band All The King’s Men, and began showcasing their original music in Western Canada in 2012. The members met in 2008 while attending MacEwan University’s music program and quickly hit it off. From 2008 to now, The Gibson Block has worked to create their unique and danceable form of rock. The band has created a fresh and infectious rock sound by fusing the jazz, blues, and funk styles that they learned at MacEwan with each member’s personal musical influences. Known for the raw energy of their performances, The Gibson Block delivers a cohesive and powerful set of live music. In 2013, The Gibson Block was chosen for the Untapped Alberta festival series and appeared on CKUA Radio in the series Untapped. Fully armed with their experience and their hearts, The Gibson Block will continue to push boundaries in the Canadian music scene to deliver an electrifying and danceable sound for modern listeners.

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