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Thug Shells Bubbly Gangster Album Broadcast

On Sunday, March 2nd we are going to feature Thug Shell's new album Bubbly Gangster and play the whole album front to back. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can catch the it here Sunday at 7pm. This is her first studio album, and we're stoked to broadcast it here for you. This will also be the start of a new series of album features where we play a whole album every Sunday night. If you have an album ...

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Studio Sessions Season 3

Studio Sessions on is an interactive music show broadcasting every Monday at 8pm on Each Monday, a different band or artist will join our host Chandon Autumn live from Two Bodies of Water Studio to sit down for an interview and live studio session. Listeners can get in contact with the band and hosts each week via social media @GRadioYEG. Each episode will be professionally recorded, an ...

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AXE Music Now Playing Local Music

AXE Music is now streaming local music on its in-store stereo. AXE Music is a great local company that is happy to lend its support to the growing local music scene here in Edmonton, and we couldn’t be happier to provide their business with the best music coming out of this city. Local businesses can now access a high-quality stream of local music, ensuring all royalty payments go to artists here in Edmonto ...

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Remedy Cafe Now Playing Local Music

Remedy Cafe is now streaming local music in all of their locations*. Remedy is a great local company with the most delicious chai in Edmonton, and we couldn't be happier to provide their locations with the best music coming out of this city. Huge thanks to Remedy Cafe and their commitment to supporting local music and business. Local businesses can now access a quality stream of local music ensuring all roy ...

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Cups N Cakes

Cups N Cakes is a bi-weekly music podcast playing mostly Canadian independent acts with an emphasis on the prairie cities. Each episode is comprised of meticulously crafted eclectic music sets and tomfoolerous banter. Guests have become a regular occurrence on the show with appearances from musical acts Napalmpom, Jom Comyn, Counterfeit Jeans, Concealer, Doug Hoyer, The Zorgs, Motherhood, Jesse & the Dandel ...

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