One Way State

The Right Time. Six songs, reintroducing you to the heady, frantic world of One Way State. All rock, all the way through, with plenty of pop sensibilities woven into the fabric of this new record.

Edmonton-based music blogger ‘New Music Michael writes:
“The Right Time EP is definitely a more refined sound for One Way State, but with a nice edge to it that you can really sink your teeth into.”

Caitlin Hoffman,
“Their songs cut with precision and the melodies are made with sincerity.”

Vents Magazine:
“The album includes overwhelmingly catchy melodies that stick in your brain…”

Indie Band Guru:
“All six songs on this record carry the same in your face rock and roll sentiment and at the same time a sugary pop-ness that make them approachable to the masses.”

The Raffo Review:
“The Right Time is simply a great performance partnered with great production. Simply put, One Way State is the ‘feel good’ band of the year.”

One Way State is currently touring Canada in support of this record.

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