Lay-z, born and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa; Lay-z witnessed the disturbing 10 years war that took place in Sierra Leone. He found interest in hip hop in 1996, as he explained; him and his cousins listening to hip hop music, and imitating rappers. He began writing and recording his own music in 1999; in Krio, his country’s local language. Lay-z‘s silky vocals, and his West African R&B style is very unique and catchy. This quickly gained the recognition of professionals in the music business. He moved to Canada in 2006. Lay-z decided to continue his music career in a new language and new setting. However, his music has no barrier and he sees the potential for growth in Canada to be far greater than it had been previously. Lay-z’s music and lyrics are highly influenced by his experiences home and abroad; from his experience of a devastating rebel war to struggling with his resettlement in Canada. He is currently working with Kazmega, and is set to release a couple of projects in the near future.

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