Sacred Beats

Some may know him as Todd, some may know him as the fire spinner “Oaken”. He likes to follows what feels natural. Wether sharing the knowledge and passion of “flow” or playing some down low juicy bass-beats, He is doing what is organic in all of us, what comes natural. On the other side of his passion, instead of being moved by the music while performing. He has reverted back to his first love of music by the name SacredBeats. Now is excelling at making his mark as a DJ doing sold out events such as “Getting low and letting go” A Conscious Bass Yoga experience collaboration with Graham Parsons, a local master Yogi. As well as his Duo SacredBeats & Bones Benthik playing events with Zodiac Series, Jungle Fever, Heart on Collective, SpinOut prop festival, Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival and other growing events.

For the Love of Music.


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