Whiskey Face

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Garrett and Steve were friends that started playing music together after Garrett’s previous band broke up in 2007 and Steve was learning to play drums, several years after his arm got ripped off in a paint mixer. They soon developed a unique sound, blending heartfelt songwriting and deft, melodic guitar playing with a unique, syncopated and aggressive drumming style that utilized a drumstick and a
detachable hook. With the addition of Frank Pirker’s soul/jazz/psychedelic bass after the breakup of his previous band ‘The Wild Dogs’, Whiskeyface was born.

Whiskeyface recorded their first EP with James Stewart (Last Deal, Slates). It came out in August 2010 on Clamour Records (The City Streets, Falklands, Surgeons of the Night). They are also recording a full length at the Hive in Vancouver April 2011 with plans to release in the summer followed by a 2nd cross Canada tour

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Contact: stevenjacobjames@hotmail.com

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