The Electric Kool-Aid Festival Tour

This is The Electric Kool-Aid Festival Tour! The Dream Zine and set out in the summer of 2019 and covered five music festivals in 2019 (remember music festivals?) and we loved every minute of it. We spoke to many different artists and musicians from each festival about their takes on each festival, how they got there and what life is like performing at some of the biggest music festivals Canada has to offer.

Working with The Dream Zine was a great experience, and made for a great festival partnership. Music festivals run deep in our blood, and is really where both The Dream Zine and began. Our first music festival was at The Mad Hatter Music and Arts Festival in Blackfalds, Alberta in 2013 and we can’t believe how far we have come. has now covered over 20 music festivals, including Shambhala and Astral Harvest twice and it’s been a dream come true. Much love to everyone who accompanied us on this journey, and we hope you enjoyed some of the content.

While we were definitely keeping it open to do a 3rd trip this summer, coronavirus had it’s own plans. We’re so glad we were there to experience it while it was happening. As the saying goes, don’t be sad it’s gone, be happy you were there. And if you weren’t there than you are in luck because we recorded some killer interviews for it and you can check it out below!

Much love to all the artists, the festivals, the organizers and volunteers, the guests and everyone that makes a music festival what it is and most importantly thanks to those who listened and interacted to our coverage of the events. We made it for you (and for us) and we hope you enjoy!

Produced in collaboration with The Dream Zine.
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