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Having rocked the decks in Edmonton now for three years, and found time in the studio for two, Drkwtr is quickly becoming a recognizable force in the scene.

With a strong background in Classical, Blues, Rock, and Metal, and experience playing guitar and singing in several different bands, Drkwtr has made a smooth transition to the underground scene and continues to amaze listeners with his “ninja” like reflexes, seamless musical stitching, and unorthodox tricks.


Generally a Breakbeat DJ, he shares a great love for House and Techno, often searching out tracks that share all three of these qualities, making his sets fresh, exciting, and in suspense for what may come next.

Drkwtr will progress his sets from either soft to hard, or hard to soft, enjoying increasing or decreasing the energy of a dancefloor.

Having rocked many of the local night clubs, bars, along with several hall parties, charity events, and private shows, as well as laying sets at Astral Harvest Music Festival (Driftpile), Motion Notion Festival (Drayton Valley) and Mad Hatter Festival (Blackfalds), have solidified him with a decent fan base and often repeat performances.

He has opened for the Legendary Soul Of Man (UK), and played alongside some very talented musicians both near and far.

He has many collaborations and projects with other DJ’s, including:

One third of:
“Bongwater” (Nu Jazz, IDM, Experimental, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Funk, Electronica)

“Techno Breakfast” (Techno/Funky Techno)
((Generally for morning time at festivals where free breakfast is supplied for anyone present))

One half of:
Mix & Match (Party Bangers)

One half of:
Isoteryk (Liquid Dnb, Atmospheric Dnb, Drum Funk)


Drkwtr’s production style is not regimented to any one genre in particular, however he tends towards fusing elements of Jazz and Funk in all his songs, often either upbeat and dark, or smooth and uplifting.

He puts emphasis on intense melodic composition, catchy chord progressions, and a minimalistic approach towards effects – leaving the sounds he has chosen to really speak for themselves.

He has a recent signing with “We Are Live Records” (UK), and “Breakzrboss Records” (CAN), along with a few independent releases, and albums.

He is currently working on a collaboration with a few other artists on an album titled “A DJ’s Guide To The Zodiac”: a collection of 13 tracks of various genres and styles to represent the signs of the Zodiac and their personalities through the use of sound.

Scheduled release for this has been pushed to next fall of 2012.

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