Realm and Sky

Realm and Sky started as a band with the intent to tell a story; many of the songs can take you to a specific place and time in the chapters; however that may not be the only message the songs convey. Each character has a journey with a tale to tell and their trials would expand the world which they know.

The Realm is the landscapes; vast, strong and sometimes treacherous. It is our fortitudes, our environment, the world which we react to. This is our home.

In the Sky lives our dreams, our choices, the melodies that connect us to each other. here desire dances with infinite possibilities giving us purpose and drive. It is the faith we have in each other a belief we all strive for. selflessness or selfishness for your perfect realm.

culture. opportunity. love. risk. excitement. these things flow through us along side the blood in our veins.

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