YEG Music

YEG Music is a company dedicated to helping grow the live music scene locally in Edmonton. With over 30 artists/bands playing at various venues in Edmonton they have created an ongoing train of gigs. With various genres of music being played at different venues almost every week, you are bound to find an event to look forward to every week. YEG Music provides artists with the opportunity to expand their musical careers with advantages such as merch production, social media promotion, festivals, photography coverage, event management, videography coverage, rehearsal spaces, feasible recording prices, and so much more to help flourish local talents. YEG Music is not only dedicated to expanding musicians but is also highly dedicated to building partnerships and bonds with local businesses, restaurants, cafes, and live event venues. Community is what keeps YEG Music alive.

YEG Music will be hosting a radio show every Sunday night here on Guerrilla Radio at 7 pm. Hosts Maria and Sauvé will be spinning local tracks and interviewing local bands.

Hosted by Maria Phillipos and Sauvé

Episode 5: Sauvé and Michelle sit down with Alex and Jenessa from Soap Box Duo at Two Bodies of Water Studio

For more episodes, check out YEG Music on GRadio’s SoundCloud Page

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