The Mankind

Inhale……Exhale. When Steven Sware, Nick Gilmer, Chad Pankiw and Max Pankiw decided to combine brothers with best friends and pool their talents in 2013, they had no way of knowing what was in store for the young group of musicians. They found out quickly enough that after releasing their first ever demo that they were on to something great based on the excitement and demand for a live connection from the devoted local fan base. Their live shows have filled bars and band shells only through word of mouth and minimal social media marketing. Due to the overwhelming support and demand for more sound the group has decided to continue investing in their dream and to spread their alternative rock / pop sound worldwide starting with Western Canada.

With the band being on the younger side in the alternative rock circle ranging from ages eighteen to twenty two, there is no doubt that a connection will be made with fresh concert and festival goers looking for their new favorite sound. With that being said, absorbing the respect of devoted music listeners should come easy as well. With the combination of The Mankind’s nine songs and compelling covers their set is sure to exceed expectations without a doubt.

“I feel that with the mesh of personalities, musical talent and the bond between the guys, the sky really is the limit,” says lead singer Steven Sware, “we just need the chance to demonstrate our passion on a larger scale.”

Today, as the result of being in the studio day in and day out… the band is nothing less than a brotherhood willing to risk whatever it takes in order for people to hear their creations.

Stay connected as The Mankind are working on an album to be released later this year!

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