After the Smoke is Clear” is a Hip Hop mix-show, airing twice weekly on and hosted by Doobyis.

ATSIC plays new Hip Hop that might not sound like you expect “new Hip Hop” to sound. The mainstream trends are prevalent but there’s still lots of options when the underground is taken into account.

With a mix of well known and independent artists, and newly released music every week, the show blends a variety of current styles, varied episode to episode. From new rap that’s rooted in boom bap tradition, to new rap innovating and pushing the genre in different directions with new styles, it’s almost always all new. Canadians get most of the focus, but both unheard Americans and new material by legends of the kulture also appear frequently.

Each episode is a new mixtape.
Ear to the street. Finger on the pulse. All that.

Go support the artists you enjoy.

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