Joe Vickers

The badlands in Sergio Leone’s epic spaghetti westerns evoke images of colourful characters with plenty of grit. Raised on the badlands of southern Alberta, Joe Vickers’ music taps into a similar creative vein through his heartfelt song writing. The characters in his songs are vivid creations who experience the triumphs and tragedies of everyday life on the prairies.

The travelling troubadour has logged countless miles sharing his songs with anyone willing to listen. He has toured across Canada extensively as the front man for folk punk group, Audio/ Rocketry. He travelled by train cross country, playing small shows on board along the way. He has backpacked across Europe with his guitar and a backpack full of merch, playing everywhere from all-night bars to punk squats while utilizing all means of transportation from ride shares to hitchhiking. Over the years, Vickers has shared the stage with gypsy artists of a similar mind, from Trampled by Turtles to The Menzingers to Austin Lucas. Today he continues to travel, sharing his music with fans across the country, but always returning to work his family farm near Drumheller, Alberta each spring.

The wear of constant travel leaves an indelible mark on the soul. Joe Vickers has grown as an artist over time. On his new release, he explores the human spirit. The double EP has two distinctive, yet complementary themes. Patient tells the stories of people in need of healing. An emotional weight lays over the 5 tracks. These are dark tales of broken people who are looking for a light. On Medicine Bag, the characters have a more positive outlook, enjoying the hidden beauty in everyday life. These tracks are a celebration of place, an honest look at the home that holds an important place within his heart. The release showcases Vickers most accomplished song writing to date.

The Patient/ Medicine Bag double EP is being released in both digital and physical formats. The package is also being pressed in vinyl, creating a functional piece of art for folk music fans.

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