King of Foxes

With the release of the full length album, Golden Armour (2016), Edmonton-based band King of Foxes brings an alternative edge to indie pop. Lush with layered guitar hooks, infectious vocal melodies, and “instant indie-rock cred”, the record boasts a radio-ready aesthetic of alt-rock influences and garage rawness. King of Foxes has drawn comparisons to Veruca Salt, Lush, and Metric, but retains an edgy persona led by seeing-eye guitar hooks and Olivia Street’s elegant, pop-tinged vocals. Golden Armour features nine songs that explore the heart, in its magnitude and its weaknesses: songs about leaving and being left, and anthems for anyone who has loved and lost. The album crosses a lot of different genres—incorporating elements of grunge, alt country, retro pop—and yet has a cohesive sound that comfortably re-configures the genres it draws upon. Most importantly, the release never loses touch with the emotional platform great songs are built on.

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