Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta,
PaperKrayne (-AKA- Danie D-RaYnGD, Danie D Raynebow)
is a familiar face in Edmonton’s Electronica Scene, turning a fresh cheek as a Female DJ,, with no limitiations to her immense passion for music. Performing full song&dance acts to the likes of Madonna & Kate Bush by the age of three, there was never a doubt that Danielle would be a star. As she grew her eccentricity blossomed. Always attracted to the colourful life of show business and the up-beat groove of dance music, artists such as Daft Punk & Chris Sheppard quickly expanded her interest into the wonderful world of electronica. Instantly hooked by the sound, Danielle’s love for this new electronic scene was taken one step further when Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) was released in North America in 1999. It was clear this bubbly little blonde was well on her way to developing a severe bassline addiction.
Continually seeking new outlets for her abundant positive energy & exuberence, Danielle was exstatic when her eldest brother, on her sixteenth birthday, presented her with the highly anticipated ticket to her very first rave. Whilst dancing in the midst of this first incredible experience, she realized this was where she wanted to stay. She immediately started on the journey to become a DJ, with the re-born desire of producing her own tracks. With her extensive classical music education, vocal training & high commitment to detail, its no wonder she was able to pick up the art of beatmatching almost as soon as her hands touched the decks.
This provocative spinstress will delight you with her raynebow frequencys of filthy Fidget Electro Breaks, all types of Trance (including full on PSY!), Hardstyle and summer-loving Speed Garage, to name a few. The enthusiastism of this Hardcore girls contageous smile & positive, feel-good vibe behind the decks is sure to leave you wanting more. For diversity is the golden ticket that makes it difficult to place a needle on the unique sound of PaperKrayne.

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