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Andrew was late to be introduced to electronic music- in the summer of 2007 he was shown hardstyle which peaked his interest. However it wasn’t until October of 2009 that he started becoming big into Electro house. The next turning point was when he saw DJ hero; Thinking it looked cool but having his hatred of Guitar hero, Andrew decided to skip DJ hero and start spinning on the real thing.
In mid February 2010, Andrew bought his first pair of CDJs and has been improving on his skills, aiming to be spinning at clubs in the near future. New to the music and even newer to the decks, Andrew sets out be a novel DJ who hopes to use his band experience to create a unique style of spinning. Having played his first show, he has now set his eyes towards being not only a great Edmonton DJ, but much more, as he has hopes to start producing music in the very near future.

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