Diversionary Tactics

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Unique Clothing, Jewelry, Toys and Home Décor at The Butterdome Spring Craft Sale

by Jen Rae

If you love to entertain and like to showcase unique food, one of a kind serving dishes, or a new outfit that for sure none of your friends have seen before, then this craft sale is de rigeur.

The name craft makes it sound deceptively like something I might make in Home Ec class. Not so!

It’s wonderful to find unique clothing, Oh, but I love the spring wool coats and the summer dress made to fit and feel comfortable and be cool (cotton/rayon fabric that felt heavenly – Babs.ca). OMG I am tired of walking the malls and seeing the same stuff over and over and over.

I can hear you telling yourself it must be expensive. When you factor in the lower overhead that the small businessperson has, it really isn’t more expensive than shopping at the mall. I sure don’t mind paying for something that I know was created with care and quality materials by a fellow Canadian and knowing that my money will stay in Canada.

I go to craft sales for the sheer pleasure of finding something special for home, family, friends and it turns out, for my dog. I don’t yet have a dog, however 4 Paws Pure out of Calgary has a dog bone shaped holiday dinner treat made of dog-healthy sweet potatoes, pumpkin, turkey and gravy. Yes, I want a dog, maybe several dogs.

For the kids and grand kids Play559 is an Edmonton company that specializes in toys handcrafted here in town. Miniature fridge and stove with kitchen table and the little people to use them are wooden and doll house sized. Tooo cute! Verne’s Woodcraft from Saskatchewan, creates larger wooden vehicles like the alphabet train. These reminded me of my grandfather’s gifts.

There were so many unique and interesting pieces of art for the home, sweet treats for people too, and so much more. Check out my word press blog that features my favorite Canadian made products.

Tips for finding a special gift:

1. Keep the person you are buying for at the forefront of your thoughts.
2. Follow your feet. Trust your instincts and don’t second-guess yourself.
3. Drink water. The brain makes decisions easier when hydrated.

Surprises abound at craft sales, you just might find that perfect something that even you couldn’t guess your friend, father or significant other will love.