Guerrilla Radio is a local project to bring a 100% local and independent radio station to the air waves of Edmonton, Alberta. Our focus will be the local community, featuring local artists and musicians from around the city. We believe the music scene in Edmonton is a strong one and we will strive to promote local talent to the fullest extent.

Currently, radio media is dominated by imposing foreign corporate interests. All of the major studios in the city mere subsidiaries of massive media corporations, regulating what is heard on our airwaves. Standardization of music in favour of profits is unacceptable and is what Guerrilla Radio strives to change

Beyond Music, Guerrilla Radio will focus on a wide variety of local art and entertainment. From local talk and commentary to comedy shows and local interviews. We will fight to provide a venue and promote local talent it all of its forms.

By TheHugonaut

DJ from DAPHÜTUR | FB | Soundcloud

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