We’ve begun working with Cheshire Productions to bring you their bi-weekly Pop-Up Party! Every other Thursday, Cheshire Production puts on a party at a different venue around the city and their always a good time. If you can’t make it out, we got you covered and we’ll be broadcasting the whole thing live. We’re also working with our good friends over at The Dream Zine to bring you some behind-the-scenes looks with artist interviews and hot takes from the show.

Make sure you grab our brand new GRadio.ca app which gives you direct access to everything we do, right from your phone. It took like 3 apps, but we finally have one that we really like and you can keep local music in your pocket.

We’ll be working with The Dream Zine to get some artist interviews and guest impressions during the show that we’ll upload to to our podcast, get at us on Twitter if you have any questions for the artists!

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