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Cups N Cakes

Cups N Cakes is a bi-weekly music podcast playing mostly Canadian independent acts with an emphasis on the prairie cities. Each episode is comprised of meticulously crafted eclectic music sets and tomfoolerous banter. Guests have become a regular occurrence on the show with appearances from musical acts Napalmpom, Jom Comyn, Counterfeit Jeans, Concealer, Doug Hoyer, The Zorgs, Motherhood, Jesse & the Dandel ...

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The RCR Records Show

Join Sascha and Chris Thursdays at 7 as they walk you through some of the music featured on the RCR Records label. Broadcasting Thursday nights at 8pm. ...

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Join Bee and Friends every Friday at 9pm and get pumped for the Weekend with Fresh Mixes and Featured Local Producers! Bee is the owner of Head Cornerstone Records, co-founder and general manager of Zion Noiz Music & Arts Festival, and stage manage of the Market stage at Astral Harvest. Bee also co-hosts Newswired, a local news show on! ...

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Studio Session Sundays

Studio Session Sundays is an interactive talk and music show broadcasting every Sunday at 8pm on Each Sunday, a different band or artist will join hosts Michael and Sarah LIVE from Two Bodies of Water Studio to sit down for an interview followed by a live studio session. Listeners can get in contact with the band and hosts each week by calling into GRadio's Skype account or asking a question via ...

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Welcome to NewsWired, the freshest news show that breaks down local and international current events for the fine folks livin' here and around the YEG. Each week your hosts Bee and Free will be discussing recent news stories and how they relate to you. Look out for musical guests from around the local music scene as well as frank discussions with the movers and shakers of our fine city. Each episode is curr ...

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