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Highlevel Showdown: Wednesdays at 7

The Highlevel Showdown is a weekly politics podcast hosted by Elliott Tanti and Michael Vecchio. Each week they debate the latest stories in civic, provincial, national and international politics and cut through the spin to bring their audience some insight into exactly what is going on in the side show that is Canadian politics. New Episodes will broadcast on Wednesday nights at 7.

Episode #58: 7 Days Until a New President
E & M welcome everyone with a specially recorded episode on Halloween night. With 7 days left until E Day in America, will the latest revelations of Clinton’s emails and the FBI director’s involvement really sway things? Are there any surprises left from Trump? Later Justin Trudeau’s nomination of a new batch of independent Senators. Is this type of “reform” enough? Michael expresses his desire to see more far-reaching reforms while Elliott argues that the public and the media must do a better job of educating themselves in the roles the Senate is supposed to play. Finally a discussion of protests at Standing Rock Reserve in US, and the sometimes unclear understanding of America’s relationship with its aboriginal people. What can we learn from our experiences in Canada when looking at the Native American story?

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