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Vibe Tribe presents PARTY IN THE HOOD ft. Bass Caravan

Tickets available at door. $15

See you in your best gypsy hood!!

Beautiful Gypsy Hoods for sale $40

We will be raffling off 2 packages that include 1 Astral Harvest Music Festival weekend pass EACH, along with 1 free VT’s “Express” workshop (July) and a BUNCH of other Vibe Tribe swag!

Tickets for raffle:

$10 each or $20/3



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Beat Burglar

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Groovy Cuvy

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Bass Caravan

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Sacred Beats

12-12:30 Vibe Tribe performance + Raffle draw


Bass Caravan

From the dark depths of the gypsy carnival comes it’s premier sideshow act, BASS CARAVAN!
Jump on board as this charismatic entertainer spins a musical tale of unique Gyspy Funk, Carnival Breaks and Swinging Bass that will enthrall & entertain even the most discerning of crowds. With sets jumping across all genres and encompassing more than it’s fair share of “whomp” you can be sure that the mixture of organic traditional beats and electro based bump and grind will get your feet moving and your butt shakin’!


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