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Teaming Up with a Local Recording Studio and Local Clothing Label

We are happy to announce that we are now working closely with Resonate Music School and Studio and EDM Flavor, a local clothing company! Resonate will offer our artists discounts on recording time, as well as studio time to be won in upcoming contests (more on that later). FLAVOR will be providing us with quality merchandise to help raise some money and provide you with some solid clothing. We are excited to be working closely with two local companies to help bring the best possible home-grown product we can.

A little info on Resonate and FLAVOR:

Resonate Music School & Studio is taking a new approach to teaching and recording music in the Edmonton Area. With our multiple sound-treated classrooms and affordable yet professional recording studio, we strive to bring an experience to our students and clients that is not only positive and engaging, but also memorable and rewarding. Our goal is to inspire, guide, and assist you in any way we can to brighten your musical future. Resonate provides a comfortable atmosphere where you can make yourself at home and escape life’s stresses. We want every lesson and session to be something you look forward coming to.

So check them out, and if you mention Guerrilla Radio you will get 10% off!

FLAVOR was founded by Brendan Ryder and Wade Tompkins to showcase Edmonton, its sights and talents through ambitious, collaborative projects. Our burgeoning community of artists, designers, photographers and models deserves robust support, and our city deserves to be seen the way we see it. We know how difficult it can be for creative young people to shine in the City of Champions, which is why we are working to feature them first and foremost.

But we believe we can think locally and still look good. Cutting-edge, full-colour photographic prints bring the glamour of high fashion to high quality designer t-shirts. Made with passion by passionate people from our community, the handiwork of FLAVOR’s featured collaborators demands notice. T-shirts are everywhere, but rarely do they turn heads. Corporate logos and formulaic prints make you into a walking billboard to be tuned out and ignored. We won’t be ignored. We don’t think you should be, either. Instead, you can be proud to wear a stunning piece of artwork and a lovingly crafted piece of our local world.

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